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Using Managed Metadata in SharePoint (Part 16)

Managed Metadata is the highest form of reusable data (in my eyes). If you have to share a list across sites / site collections – this is it. Think of the common categories your companies uses – departments, products, days of the week, locations etc. Create these as Term Sets and Terms and you’re good… — Lees op Read More »

Create Lookup Lists in SharePoint (Part 14)

Lookup lists are great when you want to reuse the same drop-down on different apps in your site. Create the list once, and keep on reusing it as many times as you want. Great benefit is that you’re updating that list in only one place. Take note that it can only be used on current… — Lees op Read More »

Configure your SharePoint Columns (Part 13)

In the previous video I showed you how to create a (simple) Application in SharePoint, using most of the columns available. In this clip I’ll go through the different columns and the configuration available on them. The better you configure the columns, the better the data you’ll get back. Purpose of this blog challenge:  I… — Lees op Read More »

Microsoft to Block Flash in Office 365

Microsoft announced plans last week to block Flash, Shockwave, and Silverlight content from activating in Office 365. The block will only apply to Office 365 subscription clients, but not to Office 2016, Office 2013, or Office 2010 distributions, the company said. — Lees op Read More »

Folders vs Metadata in SharePoint (Part 11)

We know this is not a folder OR metadata discussion. It’s about figuring out when it’s correct – to use what. Each has its place and works better in certain scenarios. Keep in mind that synced libraries work better with folders and of course your Microsoft Team uses folders for the channels to store documents… — Lees op Read More »

Share your Flows with Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Lists, Connector Updates, and Analytics with Error Details

This week, we’re introducing several new updates in Microsoft Flow. We have more sharing capabilities: share with SharePoint lists and libraries, and Office 365 modern groups. We also have a number of connector updates, and, new error analytics for understanding flow failures. — Lees op Read More »

List and Library Settings in SharePoint (Part 10)

A very quick overview of what you can expect to find in the settings for lists and libraries in SharePoint. Setup version control and approvals, define open behaviors, enable folders and quick edit, column validations and permissions AND more. If you’re new to settings, take it slow, read, research, ask questions before you make changes.… — Lees op Read More »

What’s new for your intranet in Office 365

Your SharePoint intranet in Office 365 is a connected workplace. Read on to learn what’s coming for your intranet – across team sites, communication sites, hub sites, news, pages, web parts, mobile apps and more. — Lees op Read More »

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