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Exclude Apps from Search results in SharePoint

Another great OTB function in SharePoint is to exclude libraries and lists from Search results. You might be wondering why on earth you’d do that – but in the example I’ve excluded a Document Types Lookup list. Even though everyone in the company has Read access to it, I don’t want it to come up… — Lees op Read More »

Office 365 group in Microsoft Forms

Group forms and team collaboration We received a lot of feedback from people who want to work with their colleagues on forms that can be – 200371 — Lees op Read More »

SWAT: SharePoint Weapons and Tactics – Part 2

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #SharePoint In previous posts I’ve spoken about micro managing SharePoint environments, just because we don’t trust people. Getting to grips with what SharePoint is capable of, will grow your trust in its ability to micro manage the daily inconsistencies, on your behalf. If you’re even close to being as big an OCD control freak… — Lees op Read More »

Using OTB Approvals in SharePoint (Part 21)

SharePoint Approvals allows for items to be edited and then approved by users who have the correct user permissions. This is a super easy way to manage approvals without using workflows. The document simply changes status from approved to pending (draft if minor versions are used) and you can configure who may see documents which… — Lees op Read More »

Update Metadata in SharePoint with Details Pane and Quick Edit (Part 20)

The details pane allows us to update metadata on documents without going to the drop-down menu. You can also edit the properties of documents in bulk mode = Quick Edit and even drag documents to other groupings in grouped views to update properties. Keep in mind that if Check In is switched on in the… — Lees op Read More »

Yammer and SharePoint: Evolving Together

I am just back from a wildly successful SharePoint Conference North America held last week in sunny Vegas and I’d like to report some news on the Yammer and SharePoint front in case you missed it… — Lees op Read More »

Create a Microsoft Team from a Template

Only released a couple of days ago, this is yet another feature update that I’m VERY happy with. Creating Teams from Templates will save a lot of time and ensure ‘governance’ and standards. Still a manual process, but this is a step in the right direction for sure!! Think Project and Forum… — Lees op Read More »

Editing and Check In Check Out in SharePoint (Part 19)

Ever been frustrated by Check In / Check Out features enabled on libraries in SharePoint? It would if you didn’t understand the benefit or why it was switched on. This feature really helps if multiple people need to edit the same documents (but not at the same time) – and co-authoring is not what you’re… — Lees op Read More »

Using Versions in SharePoint (Part 18)

In a previous blog I spoke about the update around version settings in SharePoint. This video will cover how versions work, where you can view, restore and delete the versions. And also how you can edit permissions to not allow them to view or delete previous versions. Keep in mind that documents with different names… — Lees op Read More »

PnP starter kit experiences

This week the PnP team announced a new starter kit at the SharePoint Conference North America 2018. I was very excited about this and started right away with trying it out. The PnP starter kit can be found here. Despite the lack of good documentation at the moment, it was pretty easy to setup. This wasn’t… — Lees op Read More »

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