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What’s new for your intranet in Office 365

Your SharePoint intranet in Office 365 is a connected workplace. Read on to learn what’s coming for your intranet – across team sites, communication sites, hub sites, news, pages, web parts, mobile apps and more. — Lees op Read More »

Apps available in SharePoint (Part 9)

Let’s take a look at all the apps (applications) available in SharePoint. Of course these are apps that you can build and add to your site. Remember that SharePoint is not just there to store documents, so take a look at adding Custom Lists, Calendars, Quick Links, Contacts etc. The new Modern SharePoint Sites also… — Lees op Read More »

10 things to know about Copy to and Move to (in SharePoint Online)

Of course you all know a number of ways to move documents from one place of SharePoint to another, such as Open With Explorer*, Content and Structure** and 3rd party tools. But have you tried the “Copy to” and “Move to” options in SharePoint Online? (I will use the words Copy and Move throughout this… — Lees op Read More »

SharePoint Site Contents and Recycle Bin (Part 8)

One of the controls of SharePoint Online is that you can restore items for the recycle bin within 93 days after deletion. The first stage and second stage recycle bin starts the countdown at the same time – so do not be mistaken that you have 186 days in total. I’ll also cover Site Contents… — Lees op Read More »

SharePoint Permissions (Part 7)

SharePoint permissions is not something you can cover in 5 hours, let alone 5 minutes. This is just a basic overview of the Permissions in SharePoint. Please refer to other blogs I’ve written about Permissions as well as Office 365 Groups, as theses were a game changer. Rule is to not complicate the environment because… — Lees op Read More »

We can now copy tasks betwe Planner plans

Thanks to once of the usual contributors in the Microsoft Tech Community (Santhosh Balakrishnan) I have been aware of a new feature in Planner: ability to copy tasks between Planner plans: — Lees op Read More »

Configure Quick Launch and Navigation Elements in SharePoint (Part 6)

The Quick Launch (also known as the Left Navigation) is a valuable feature when it comes to navigation in SharePoint. Under Site Settings you can disable this or add new links and change the order. This is also where you will setup the top navigation on templates that do not display the Quick Launch.… — Lees op Read More »

Change the Look of your SharePoint Site (Part 5)

Being able to change the look of your #SharePoint site, gives you the ability to create a work place with a unique identity. Together with the new modern web parts it’s possible to create a great looking site, in no time at all. Have fun! Purpose of this blog challenge:  I will write 365 blogs… — Lees op Read More »

SharePoint Site Information and Settings (Part 4)

In SharePoint Online the navigation to Site Settings has changed a bit. Let’s take a look at where to change the logo, name and description of the site, and also where to access the site settings. Even thought the navigation has changed, the process is still the same for SharePoint Online and On-Premises. Please be… — Lees op Read More »

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