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PnP starter kit experiences

best place to buy proscar 1st June 2018 Leave a comment

buy modafinil usa This week the PnP team announced a new starter kit at the SharePoint Conference North America 2018. I was very excited about this and started right away with trying it out. The PnP starter kit can be found here. Despite the lack of good documentation at the moment, it was pretty easy to setup. This wasn’t… — Lees op Read More »

How to Create a template from a Microsoft Team

Since today it is possible to use a copy a existing Microsoft Team as a template. This means we can finally create a template that has tabs,bots etc. How does this work? Instead of putting the name… — Lees op Read More »

Important versioning update for SharePoint Online & OneDrive

Beginning of May it was announced that there will be a change to the versioning settings for SharePoint and OneDrive. This affects all Document Libraries in SharePoint Team Sites as well as OneDrive. Keep in mind that your documents in Microsoft Teams also sit in SharePoint Team Site Libraries, so will… — Lees op Read More »

Using Managed Metadata in SharePoint (Part 16)

Managed Metadata is the highest form of reusable data (in my eyes). If you have to share a list across sites / site collections – this is it. Think of the common categories your companies uses – departments, products, days of the week, locations etc. Create these as Term Sets and Terms and you’re good… — Lees op Read More »

Create Lookup Lists in SharePoint (Part 14)

Lookup lists are great when you want to reuse the same drop-down on different apps in your site. Create the list once, and keep on reusing it as many times as you want. Great benefit is that you’re updating that list in only one place. Take note that it can only be used on current… — Lees op Read More »

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