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Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery

The amount of electronic information is exploding, and the information is more complex as it’s coming from number of different sources like email, instant messages, documents, videos etc. Managing… — Lees op Read More »

What’s new for the SharePoint mobile app

The most current set of updates gives you access to modern technology (like SharePoint hub sites), refines the experience of team sites, keeps you informed – now on comments from news articles you’ve published – and more to keep you informed and productive on the go. — Lees op Read More »

Bring calm the chaos with Quick Steps in Outlook

We’ve used Rules in Outlook for years, Quick Steps just makes it all so much easier. These templates allows you to quickly setup rule for example: Mail Team, Reply & Delete etc. In this video I’ll show you how I use Quick steps to (with the click of one button) mark emails as read, mark… — Lees op Read More »

Microsoft Teams Governance: How to Create a Channel Request Solution Using Flow

By default, every team member in Microsoft Teams can create channels in the teams they are part of. Without training and governance, this can lead to a lot of confusion, especially in larger organizations. When too many channels are created team members will struggle to know where to work on what type of content which… — Lees op Read More »

Improvements in Skype Meetings App released

We have released an update to the Skype Meetings App – the SfB web app available for meetings hosted on Skype for Business Online or on – 182584 — Lees op Read More »

Insiders: New Office Start Experience for Windows clients

Hello! My name is Patrick and I am a program manager from the Office Shared experiences team. Our team is embarking on a series of improvements to make it easier to start your work. Our vision for the — Lees op Read More »

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