You can now Archive or restore a team

Archive an inactive team to keep it out of your way, but store all of the content and conversations in a read-only, searchable format. Restore the team if you need to start using it again. — Lees op

Change your Channel Sort Order in Microsoft teams

The Channels in #MicrosoftTeams will sort alphabetically, by default. Here’s a quick and easy way to change that sort order by using numbers. This is a great tip if you want to use phases of a project or channels that follow a chronological order or specific sequence. Purpose of this blog challenge:  I will write… … Read moreChange your Channel Sort Order in Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams and Meeting Notes tab

Take notes during your meetings in Microsoft Teams using the new Meeting Notes app. It appears to be based on the Wiki app that launched with Microsoft Teams in 2017. While you have the side panel… — Lees op

Why Microsoft Teams Will Soon Be Just as Common as Outlook

Microsoft Teams is playing an increasingly unifying and expanding role in Office 365. This report guides technical professionals on getting the most value out of Teams, analyzes Teams’ impact on the rest of Office 365, and assesses Teams’ strengths and weaknesses. — Lees op

Troubleshoot notifications for Teams mobile apps

If you’re not getting your default notifications for Microsoft Teams on your iOS or Android Device notifications, you may need to turn on notifications in the settings. — Lees op

Where’s my MicrosoftTeam OneNote Stored?

We know that your Microsoft Team (#Office365Group) creates a OneNote for you to use. If you’re not sure where that is stored, let me show you. It’s called Notebook and it’s created right there on your #SharePoint site behind your #MicrosoftTeam. Purpose of this blog challenge:  I will write 365 blogs in 365 days around… … Read moreWhere’s my MicrosoftTeam OneNote Stored?

SharePoint and Teams: Better Together

Collaboration Silos Traditionally, our collaboration tools have been divided into silos based on the mode of communication. In the Microsoft – 189593 — Lees op